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[18 PICS][JKT1NY’S INSTAGRAM] 1312?? – 140124 Kim Jong Kook Pictures Shared by Tiny

jong kook oppa ❤

KJK Indonesia

Source and Credit: Tiny (jkt1ny @ Instagram), Kim Jong Kook’s manager Berry Kim

Blogged by Admin Me @ KJKIndonesia



“Lol. My paparazzi picture taking skill!!”

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55 Facts of Song Joong Ki (Part 1)

Song Joong Ki

Still, to celebrate our Joong Ki’s birthday so I collect this. The facts are taken and compiled from some interviews, shows, and events he attend. Check it out! ^_^

1. He was born on September 19th 1985, the year of cow.

2. His blood type : A

3. His height : 178 cm, and weight : 65 kg.

4. He lived in Taejeon before move to Seoul for his career.

5. He became the model in Tei’s sad ballad MV, Poisonous (Wicked) Tongue.

6. When he was small, he don’t like people to call him ‘pretty’. But now, he likes when people call him ‘pretty’.

7. Since before debut, he always put a sunscreen when he goes to play basketball.

8. He likes to sing ballad song and want to play guitar when singing like Bruno Mars.

9. He has an older brother who is very different from him (masculine…

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Jake Vargas Levels Up For Comedy; Joins Pepito Manaloto


Drama Tween Star Jake Vargas enters the comedy scene as the grown-up son of award- winning comedienne Michael V. in the number 1 comedy series Pepito Manaloto!

Vargas (Tween Hearts) plays Chito, the grown-up son of Pepito which was portrayed by Michael V after 5 years. Another new face in the award-winning show is Angel Satsumi who portrays the sister of Vargas. Manilyn Reyes plays their mother.

Starting this Sunday, the Manaloto will face a new journey of life. How he will handle and progress his several business but still maintaining a good relationship with his family especially to his teen son who is beginning starting to experience the adolescence stage and feel the so called “puppy love”.

Watch out also the other teen stars in the show like Janine Gutierrez as Vargas’ love interest and Lexi Fernandez, his bestfriend.

Don’t miss the nesxt episode of this award-winning comedy series aired in…

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